Director General de Función Pública


Photo Vázquez Javier Wheel

Born in Lugo in 1965.

Graduated in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela and officer of the Upper Body of civil administrators of the state. It has been, since 2008 and until today, deputy director general management of earnings and Jobs, the overall direction of Personnel costs and Public Pensions from the finance ministry.

Previously, he was secretary-general of the National Institute of the performing arts and music (INAEM), the ministry of culture (2004-2008), subdirector general Policy management and coordination of the General Secretariat of Scientific Policy, the ministry of science and technology (2003-2004), secretary general of the Geological and mining Institute of Spain, the ministry of science and technology (2001-2003), secretary general of the national research institute and agricultural and food Technology (INIA), the ministry of science and technology (1999-2001), and deputy assistant director-general of the General Office Personnel costs work, in the General direction of personnel costs and Public Pensions, from the finance ministry.

Also has formed part of the board of the state-owned company Navarrese channel, the governing Council Fleet of the state, general secretary of the founding Theatre Real and member of the patronage of the International Festival of theater Almagro classic.