Manuel Cortina

Since 1986, the Secretary of State for Public Administrations, previously attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, has been affiliated to the Ministry of Public Administrations, based at the Ministry’s headquarters in Maria de Molina.

In this building, known as the Eurocis complex, the Ministry currently occupies floors 3-9, in addition to: part of the second floor; sections of the first and third basement, for parking; the fourth basement, where the Directorate General of the Public Sector Archive is located; and the ground floor, with direct access from No. 50, Calle de María de Molina, 50, where the Centre for Administrative Information is based.

This building houses: the Directorates General of the Public Sector, Administrative Modernisation and Inspection, Service Assessment and Quality, attached to the Secretariat General for Public Administration; the Sub-Directorate General for Information and Communication Technologies; as well the General Records Office for the Ministry and delegated staff, attached to the Central Administrative Office, both of which are affiliated to the Directorate General of Human Resources, Economic Programming and Peripheral Administration, which is in turn attached to the Sub-Secretariat for Public Administration.