Autonomous National Institute of public administration

Rank of General Direction attached ydependiente of the secretariat of state of Public function.

Atocha, 106, (28012 Madrid)

San Diego Pza., s / n, Alcalá of Hayfields (Madrid)

Telephone: 91 273 91 47


Units and telephones:

  • Management

Wild Enrique Catalan: 91 273 92 36

  • Selection office

José María García Gómez of Soria: 91 273 92 19

  • Learning office

José Manuel Argilés Marín: 91 273 92 30

  • Local Training department

José Manuel Rodríguez Carballo: 91 273 93 55

  • Studies center and knowledge management

Ana Fernández Félix: 91 273 94 13

  • Public innovation department

Vacancy. 91 273 91 25

  • Support unit

Fátima Mínguez Llorente: 91 273 91 47

It is attached to the INAP follows collegial body:

  • Standing selection committee


  • The national institute for public administration is an autonomous body of the specified by law 40 / 2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector, attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, through the General direction of the public service.
  • Are essential goals of the National Institute of public administration, without prejudice to specific competences to recognize on these matters to other centres, institutes or schools of the General administration of the state, the following:
  • Develop and implement policies for selection and training of public employees in the Area of expertise.
  • Promoting and undertaking studies, publications and research in matters relating to the public administration.
  • Maintain cooperation and collaboration with other administrations and training centres of public employees, national and international.