Overall mutuality Civil Servants of the state. MUFACE

Stroll Joe (XXIII, 26 (28040 Madrid)

She: 91 273 95 00

Owner:Associació Díaz Sánchez.

Résumé:Curriculum Vitae (link to the transparency Portal)

Appointment by Royal Decree 710 / 2016, 23 December

Units and telephones:

  • General Secretariat

Myriam Pallares Corton: 91 273 98 02

Computer unit: Juan Carlos Pérez Strong: 91 273 98 50

  • Department of economic and financial management

María del Carmen Rodríguez Baladrón: 91 273 98 03

  • Health Benefits department

Fifth troncoso Order: 91 273 98 04

  • Department of Social Benefits

External Francisco Rodríguez: 91 273 98 05


  • Legal representation of the body.

Represent the Mutuality in all acts and contracts concluded, as well as to the authorities, tried, courts, agencies and entities and natural and legal persons.

  • Direction, management and inspection of the agency's activities for the fulfilment of its purposes.

Manage administrative services and technical Mutuality General.

Promote the rules that in the field of administrative Mutualisme correspond to the mutuality, as well as to adopt the necessary instructions for their development and execution.

Dispose expenditures and manage payments from Mutuality on benefits and operation, as well as manage their financial resources.

Develop the annual report of activities and the balance of accounts and results.

Develop the outline of the annual budgets of the mutuality, exercising the competence of the body in accounting entity and management direction económico-financiera of mutuality.

Resolve in matters of affiliation, high and low and mutual MUFACE recipients.

Determine how shall be healthcare.

Plan, regulate and assess the mutual benefits and beneficiaries.

Recognize the mutual benefits and beneficiaries.

Enter into contracts, as well as collaboration agreements, including concerts for the provision of healthcare, with public and private entities whose activity is required for the better performance of its purposes, in accordance with applicable legislation.

Manage and administer the assets and property rights of mutuality.

Dispose, following a report of the General Council and with the permission of the council of ministers, those elements of the Mutuality to stop be useful for the fulfilment of its purposes.

Carry relations with others.

Exercise those competences of direction or management that li atribueixin existing standards.