Explotación de la Encuesta

Informes con la explotación de los datos de la EIEL, a lo largo de sus sucesivas fases.

Forrealizationthese reports with the exploitation of the EIEL have been used as reference units, on one hand the number of centres of population and housing, and on the other tables containing data for the population centres, excluding the scattered.

Regarding thelevelthe data are added to the provincial level and insular by municipalities, Autonomous Communities by provinces and national total by Autonomous communities.

Thesourcefor these farms are phases of EIEL, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010, which have been carried out by the Provincial, councils and Island Councils, Autonomous Communities Uniprovinciales and Generality of Catalonia, under the coordination of the overall direction of coordination of Competences with the Autonomous Communities and Local Entities.

Phase 2015

2010 Phase

Phase 2005

2000 Stage

1995 Phase